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A Touch Pro navigation profile enables personalized settings and information to be stored and easily switched for each driver.

Touch Pro navigation profiles can be created by signing up for an InControl navigation account within the NAVIGATION SETTINGS menu. A Touch Pro navigation profile can also be edited, switched, and reset. See SETTINGS.

To sign up for an InControl navigation account, the following needs to be supplied:

  • Name.

  • Date of birth.

  • Country.

  • A valid email address.

  • Password.


Internet connection to the vehicle is required to sign up for an account.

The Touch Pro navigation profile information on the navigation system can be synchronized with the information stored on other devices via the cloud. Cloud synchronization can be set up in the NAVIGATION SETTINGS menu to be synchronized automatically or manually. See SETTINGS.


If a Touch Pro navigation profile is deleted, all of the profile information is unretrievable, with the exception of favorites, which are also stored in the cloud.