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The USB drive must not be removed, or the ignition switched off, before the update is complete. Doing so cancels the map update and potentially leaves the system without any available map data.


Due to the map data file size, it is recommended that a USB 3.0 memory device is used to update the map data.


The vehicle must be stationary to enable the map update to start. Once the update process has started, the vehicle may be driven.


The navigation system cannot be interacted with until the map update is complete. If a route was active before the map update started, the navigation guidance is limited to voice guidance only.

The map data in the navigation system can be updated by downloading the updated map data to a USB memory device.

Insert the USB memory stick into the USB socket and follow the on-screen instructions within the navigation system to update the maps.


Only the USB sockets in the center console's cubby box can be used for map updates. See STORAGE COMPARTMENTS.

Information on the installed maps is available in the NAVIGATION SETTINGS menu. See SETTINGS.

For further information on navigation system updates, please visit: www.jaguar.com/navigation or contact an authorized retailer/authorized repairer.