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To view the NAVIGATION SETTINGS menu, select the settings icon. See USING THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM.

Select Navigation settings from the SETTINGS pop-up menu. See SETTINGS.

The following options are available:

  • Profile:

    Edit profile: Edit or set up a profile.

    Mobile data usage: Manage mobile data usage.

  • Map views:

    Map features: Enable or disable from a list of available features.

    Auto-zoom: Enable or disable auto-zoom. See MAP AUTO ZOOM.

  • Navigation:

    Route options: Select to avoid certain road features.

    Alerts: Enable or disable from a list of alerts. See ALERTS.

  • Advanced:

    Keyboard layouts: Select extra keyboard layouts.

    Manage profile data: Clear the search history or delete all profile data.

    My Commute: Enable or disable My Commute feature.

  • About:

    App details: View details of the installed navigation system.

    Installed maps: View the details of the maps currently loaded to the vehicle's navigation system.

    Connected services licenses: View connected services license details.