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To search for a place name, category or address:

  1. Touch Type a place name, category or address box (1) or Search tile (2) on the NAVIGATION MENU screen. See MAIN MENU.

  2. If a route is already active, the following list of search areas are available from the drop-down menu:

    Along the route.

    Most relevant.

    Near the waypoint 1, 2, or 3, etc.


    The selected route must include one or more waypoints for this option to be available.

    Near your destinations.

  3. Input the required destination and select the required entry.


    Touch the hide keyboard iconĀ¹ to view the search results. Touch the text box to continue typing.

  4. The navigation system calculates and displays a map with the entered location, destination address and the most appropriate route.

  5. Touch Start to begin navigation.

  6. If the highlighted route is not the desired route, select Route options to change the route. The navigation system displays the ETA and distance for each alternative route.


    The navigation system calculates all routes, based on the selected route preferences, e.g., avoiding toll roads or ferries. The route preferences can be adjusted while setting the destination, if required via the Route preferences soft key.

  7. Select the alternative route. Touch Start to begin navigation.

Hide keyboard iconĀ¹.