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To view or alter the audio settings, touch the settings icon¹ to access the SETTINGS pop-up menu and then select Audio Settings.

To adjust the sound settings:

  1. Touch + or - to adjust the Bass, Treble, or Subwoofer levels.

  2. Alternatively, touch the slider bar and drag, or touch anywhere on the bar, and release.

To adjust the balance and fade settings:





Home point.

Sound focal point.

  1. Touch the arrows to move the sound focal point to the desired area of the vehicle.

  2. Alternatively, touch the sound focal point and drag it to the required position, or touch anywhere on the vehicle graphic, and release.

  3. To return to the default setting, touch the home point.

If Meridian Surround or Meridian Reference is available, adjust the surround sound settings by touching either Meridian, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, or DTS Neo:6 to select Surround Sound. Select Stereo to switch Surround Sound off.


Surround sound options are not available for certain sources where the surround sound mode is set automatically.

settings icon.¹