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Connected Navigation uses a suitable data-enabled micro SIM card, and is supplied and pre-installed for the owner of the vehicle. If a data-enabled micro SIM card has not been supplied, please contact a retailer/authorized repairer. See TOUCH PRO SET-UP.

A selection of Connected Navigation features are available to enhance the navigation system. To access Connected Navigation features, a Touch Pro navigation profile and InControl navigation account is required. See TOUCH PRO SET-UP.


Connected Navigation features are market dependant and may not be available on the vehicle.

Available features:

  • My Commute: My Commute is a feature designed for journeys with a common start point, a common end point, and at a regular time of day. When My Commute is enabled, the navigation system is designed to recognize a commute.

  • Real Time Traffic Flow: Uses live traffic data feeds, allowing for better traffic information, planning, and rerouting, for the user to complete the journey more efficiently.

  • Door To Door Routing via the Jaguar InControl Route Planner smartphone app: The smartphone app allows the user to navigate from door to door. Set the required destination using the smartphone app. The user is directed to the vehicle. The Touch Pro navigation profile takes over navigation from the smartphone app. Once parked, navigation is then handed back to the smartphone app, which provides any final public transport and pedestrian directions to the final destination.

  • Cloud Sync: All routes are automatically synchronized with the vehicle's navigation system, Jaguar InControl Route Planner smartphone app, and the Route Planner website.


    A Touch Pro navigation profile is required to use the Door to Door Routing and Cloud Sync features.

  • Online Search: Allows the user to search for Points Of Interest (POIs) and navigates directly to the destination. Also delivers information, images, and reviews of searched POIs.

  • Satellite View: Provides an overhead view of the vehicle surroundings.


    If the Satellite View feature is used continuously, it may consume large amounts of mobile data. Check the data allowance is appropriately configured for providing high-data services.

  • Street Level Imagery: Provides a 360° panoramic street view on selected locations only.

  • Online Routing: Monitors live traffic conditions and traffic patterns for the time of day.


    Online Routing can be used in conjunction with My Commute.

  • Sharing: Shares the user's movements and ETA with friends and family. If the user is running later than expected, Touch Pro navigation profile can automatically keep friends and family informed. Touch Pro navigation profile can send updates via SMS or email on the user's behalf to friends and family.


    Contacts to be setup within the Touch Pro navigation profile.

  • Parking Service: As the user approaches a destination, Touch Pro can show the user where parking is available. Simply tap on the preferred car park. The navigation system updates to direct the user to it.

  • Fuel Price Service: Locates fuel filling stations and compares fuel prices.

  • Arrival Mode: When the vehicle arrives at a selected waypoint or destination, information that may be of use to the driver is displayed. A photographic view of the street is shown, where available, if the vehicle is connected to the internet.

  • Safety Cameras: The Safety Cameras feature provides the location of potential accident black spots, or areas that have been identified as a potential danger by the presence of safety cameras.

Jaguar InControl Route Planner smartphone app:

The Jaguar InControl Route Planner smartphone app maximizes the potential of the user's vehicle navigation system.


The Jaguar InControl Route Planner smartphone app is only available in selected markets.

Downloading and installing:

  • Search for and download the Jaguar InControl Route Planner smartphone app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • When the installation is complete, open the launcher. Select the Jaguar InControl Route Planner smartphone app icon.


To sign in to the Jaguar InControl Route Planner smartphone app, use the same email address and password used to set up the Touch Pro navigation profile.


Apple and iPhone™ are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.


Google Play Store is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

Live Apps:

Live Apps enables applications to inform the user of real time updates and can be installed directly to the Touch Pro system.

Live Apps includes features such as, weather, flight tracker, and news feeds.

For example, the flight tracker will trigger a pop-up notification to alert the user that a flight has been delayed, allowing the user to simply re-plan the journey.


The availability of Live Apps services and features may vary by market.

To access the Live Apps:

Select Live from the EXTRA FEATURES screen to access the apps of the user's choice.

Select Update, if updates and new apps are available.


When a green down-arrow appears on the Update tile, this means updates are available.


Live Apps features require an active InControl account to login and manage preferences. To register, connect, and activate an InControl account if not already been activated, please refer to the My Jaguar InControl website at: https://incontrol.jaguar.com.


To be able to quickly log in and out of the feature and store personal information, enter a nickname and set up a PIN.