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  1. To raise the head restraint, pull upward.

  2. To lower, press the button and push down on the head restraint.

The head restraints can be removed, if required. For example, to fit larger child seats. To remove a head restraint, first fold the rear seatback forward. See FOLDING AND RAISING THE REAR SEATS.

Raise the head restraint to its uppermost position. With the adjusting button (2) pressed in, lift the head restraint out of the seatback. Return the seatback to its fully raised position.


The rear seatback is not fully locked if the red warning indicator on the locking button is still visible. Do not use the rear seat if the red warning indicator is visible. In the event of an accident, serious injury or death may result. Consult a retailer/authorized repairer if the seatback fails to fully lock.

To refit a head restraint, make sure it is facing the correct direction. Insert the head restraint stems into the sockets and push downward until at least the first click.