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Do not adjust the touchscreen controls, or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, potentially causing serious injury or death.

HD radio™ systems provide digital radio broadcasts on AM/FM radio, alongside the analog radio signals. HD radio technology is capable of providing improved audio quality, compared with the analog broadcast.

HD radio technology operates in a very similar way to the standard AM/FM system. Further information on storing stations, waveband selection, etc., can be found in the relevant section of the Owner's Handbook. See AM/FM RADIO CONTROLS.

When an HD radio signal is detected and received, the tuner gradually blends automatically between the analog and the digital audio.

Areas of poor reception due to signal masking and transmitter strengths can affect the HD radio broadcasts. The HD radio system may frequently switch between the HD radio primary signal and the corresponding analog broadcast. If tuned to a multicast service, the audio may mute more frequently.


During this process, a change in volume levels may be experienced. The volume matching between the analog and digital signal is dependent upon the broadcaster.


If poor reception and auto switching becomes unacceptable. It is recommended that HD is switched off or the radio is tuned to an HD radio service with better coverage.

The HD radio digital signal is transmitted at the same frequency as the analog signal and can also provide extra multicast services, where available.

To switch the HD radio feature on and off: Select Radio Settings via the SETTINGS pop-up menu, followed by ON or OFF.

HD radio technology is manufactured under license from Xperi Corp. U.S. and Foreign Patents. HD Radio™ and the HD Radio logo are proprietary trademarks of Xperi Corp.

The HD logo and numbers underneath the “Artist Experience Image” denote the availability of HD and which SPS, if any, is selected.

Tuning to Multicast services:

Multicast services (extra supplemental program services) can be received on HD radio™ channel broadcasts.

The availability is dependent upon the channel broadcaster.

To access any available multicast services, use the seek buttons on the touchscreen. The selected service, HD2, HD3 and HD4, is displayed.


If the last of the multicast stations is passed when using the seek arrows, the next analog station is selected.

Multicast channels can be stored as favorites and used as normal. When recalling multicast favorites, a short delay may be experienced, during which the audio is muted.

If the signal is lost when listening to a multicast service, the audio is muted.