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Before closing the hood, make sure that no-one is obstructing the closing area and that hands and clothes are clear. The closing hood may cause serious injuries.


Do not drive with the hood secured by the safety catch alone. If the hood opens while driving, it may lead to a collision, which may cause serious injuries or death.


When closing the hood, make sure to stand in front of the vehicle. Do not attempt to close the hood while standing at the side of the vehicle. Doing so may result in incorrect latching of the hood, which may cause serious injuries or death.

To close the hood:

  1. Using both hands, lower the hood and let it drop from a height of between 8 to 20 in (20 to 50 cm).

  2. Try to lift the front edge of the hood, near both corners, to check that it is securely engaged.

  3. If the hood lifts slightly, it is not properly latched. Open the hood again, and with a little more force, try again to close it.