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When a fuse box lid is removed, take care to protect the box from moisture. Refit the lid at the earliest opportunity.

Fuse box locations are as follows:

  1. Engine compartment fuse box: Remove the two plastic fixings securing the air box tube. Pull the air box tube up to release it from the air box. Unlatch the tabs securing the fuse box cover. The fuse numbers and positions are displayed on the fuse box.

  2. Passenger compartment fuse box: Remove the lower access panel.

  3. Luggage compartment fuse box: Remove the panel from the left-side of the luggage compartment. A label on the rear of the panel shows the circuits protected and the fuse locations.


The engine compartment and luggage compartment fuse boxes contain a number of spare fuses and removal tools for fuse replacement. Relays and fuses not detailed in the Owner's Handbook should only be replaced by qualified persons.