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Before using adaptive cruise control, it is important to be aware of the following:

  • Only use adaptive cruise control when the conditions are favorable. For example, on major roads with traffic moving in lanes.

  • Do not use adaptive cruise control on icy or slippery roads.

  • Staying alert, driving safely, and being in control of the vehicle at all times is the responsibility of the driver.

  • Do not use adaptive cruise control during abrupt or sharp turns. For example, traffic medians, intersections, areas with many parked vehicles, or areas shared with pedestrians.

Adaptive cruise control is activated in the same way as cruise control. Make sure to fully release the accelerator pedal. See USING CRUISE CONTROL.


Adaptive cruise control only operates when Drive (D) or Sport (S) is selected.

Adaptive cruise control monitors the lane ahead of the vehicle, and automatically enters follow mode if it detects a slower moving vehicle. See FOLLOW MODE.