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Press the accelerator or brake pedal to override adaptive cruise control at any time.

Pressing the accelerator pedal inhibits adaptive cruise control braking. The instrument panel displays the message CRUISE OVERRIDE and the follow mode amber warning lamp extinguishes. When the accelerator pedal is released, adaptive cruise control operation is resumed.

The amount of braking applied by the adaptive cruise control system is limited. The message DRIVER INTERVENE displays in the instrument panel if the systems braking limits are reached. The driver should intervene immediately, and apply a higher level of braking force using the brake pedal. Adaptive cruise control is canceled when the brake pedal is pressed. Press the RESUME button on the steering wheel to resume adaptive cruise control operation.


The adaptive cruise control system illuminates the brake lights when it applies the brakes.


The auto stop/start system may stop the engine while the vehicle is stationary in a queue. Press the accelerator pedal for longer period of time than normal to move the vehicle forward. A short press of the accelerator pedal will only start the engine.