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Make sure the micro SIM card is located correctly into the card holder. Failure to do so may damage the micro SIM card or SIM card reader.


Some network operators may lock SIM cards to operate in specific devices only. Contact the network operator if the SIM card requires unlocking.


Jaguar Land Rover advise using micro SIM cards only. Micro SIM card adaptors are not recommended.

A micro SIM card must be inserted into the SIM card holder. The SIM card reader utilizes a SIM interface. If the current micro SIM card is a different size, e.g., a nano SIM, an adaptor or replacement SIM card is required.

The SIM card reader slot is located in the center console's cubby box.

To fit a micro SIM card, insert the card with the contacts facing up and the shortest end facing out. The card should not be protruding once correctly inserted.


Push the micro SIM card 2 mm further into the slot to firmly engage the latch.

Once the micro SIM card is fitted, enable mobile data connectivity. See MOBILE DATA CONNECTIVITY.

To remove a SIM card, gently push in (1) and release (2).