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Do not adjust the touch screen controls or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, causing serious injury or death.

For information on connecting a Bluetooth® wireless technology phone or device. See KOPPELN UND VERBINDEN EINES BLUETOOTH®-TELEFONS ODER GERÄTS.

Phone system controls.


Some phone system features will not operate unless the SD card supplied with the vehicle is inserted correctly into the SD card slot. See ANSCHLIESSEN EINES MEDIENGERÄTS.

  1. Change device: Touch to search for a new, or change to another paired phone or device.

  2. Messages: Touch to select the messages inbox, or to create a new message.

  3. Contacts: Touch to select the connected phone's contacts list. Scroll through the list or use the alpha soft keys (A-C, D-F etc.) to find the contact more quickly.

  4. Call lists: Touch to access the connected phone's call lists.

  5. Keypad.

  6. Network signal strength icon.

  7. The connected phone's battery level icon.

  8. Status display: Displays the number or contact selected.

  9. Keypad: Displays after Keypad is selected.

  10. Name of the connected phone.

  11. The connected phone's network provider.

  12. Missed calls: Indicates any missed calls.

  13. New messages: Indicates that a new message has been received.

  14. Settings: Touch to display the Settings menu. Select PHONE, for the following options:

    Announce incoming messages:Turn on or off.

    Refresh phonebook: Select to refresh the connected phone's phonebook.

  15. Touch the green button to make or answer a call , or touch the red button to end a call.