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To view the MEDIA SETTINGS menu, select Media from the GENERAL SETTINGS menu.

The MEDIA SETTINGS menu contains the following options:


To adjust the Balance/Fader settings:





Sound focal point.

Home point.

Touch the arrows to move the sound focal point to the desired area of the vehicle. Alternatively, touch the sound focal point and drag it to the required position or touch anywhere on the vehicle graphic and release. To return to the default setting, touch the home point.

To adjust the Bass/Mid/Treble settings:

  • Touch + or - to adjust the Bass, Mid, or Treble levels. Alternatively, touch the slider bar and drag or touch anywhere on the bar and release.

To switch between Balance/Fader and Bass/Mid/Treble settings:

  1. Touch the icon to move from the Bass/Mid/Treble screen to the Balance/Fader screen.

  2. Touch the icon to move from the Balance/Fader screen to the Bass/Mid/Treble screen.

To adjust the Speed Dependent Volume, select from the following options: Off, Low, Mid, or High.