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Remote Premium features require an InControl account. To register, connect, and activate an InControl account, if it has not already been activated, please refer to the My Jaguar InControl website at: https://incontrol.jaguar.com. Please follow the on-screen instructions.


When an InControl account is set-up, the user of the account creates a PIN. The PIN is required for certain Remote Premium features and account management.


The availability and functionality of Remote Premium depends on the specification of the vehicle and the market in which the vehicle is used.


Remote Premium is only available as part of Connect Pro. Connect Pro is only available for selected markets.


Not all smartphones are compatible. The Jaguar InControl Remote smartphone app is compatible with iPhone™ 5 running iOS 7 and above, and Android phones running v4.0 and above.


Apple and iPhone™ are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.


Google Play Store is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

Remote Premium enhances the Remote Essentials features with the addition of:

  • Beep & Flash.

  • Vehicle Security.

  • Remote Climate.

Beep & Flash:

Beep & Flash locates the vehicle by flashing the vehicle’s lights and sounding the horn.


The driver is responsible for complying with all regulations in force for that country, regarding the use of vehicle horns.

Vehicle Security:

The Vehicle Security screen displays the open and closed status of all the doors and windows, and the current alarm setting. The Vehicle Security screen also displays the locked and unlocked status of the vehicle.

Vehicle Security allows the user to lock and unlock the vehicle remotely. If either lock or unlock cannot be performed, the phone screen displays an error message. For added security, this function requires a PIN code to be entered.

When the vehicle is locked remotely, it is secured to the maximum possible level allowed in the market in which the vehicle was intended for original sale.


If any window(s) is in an open position, the vehicle does not lock remotely. In some markets, remote closing of the windows is not permitted.

When the vehicle is unlocked remotely, it relocks after 45 seconds if no door or aperture is opened. When an alarm alert is received, the vehicle's alarm can be reset from the user's current position.


Regardless of which screen is currently displayed, if the vehicle's alarm is sounding, a pop-up screen is displayed with an option to reset the alarm. The alarm may also be reset via the Vehicle Security screen.


The driver is responsible for knowing the location of the vehicle and for making sure that the vehicle is secured.

Remote Climate:

Remote Climate allows the engine of an automatic transmission vehicle to be started remotely, and to run for up to 30 minutes. The Remote Climate feature provides a comfortable temperature inside the cabin in advance of the driver entering the vehicle. Press the Engine START soft key on the Remote Climate screen and enter a PIN. A target temperature can be set.

Remote Climate does not function if any of the following conditions exist:

  • The vehicle's fuel level is low.

  • The vehicle's battery charge level is low.

  • The vehicle is not locked.

  • A window, door, bonnet, or the boot is open.

  • The engine has been manually started.

  • A system error occurs with a required vehicle system.

  • A theft has been reported to the stolen vehicle monitoring centre.

  • The vehicle's alarm is sounding.

  • A crash event has been detected.

  • The hazard warning lights are switched on.

  • The automatic transmission is not in Park (P).

  • The brake pedal is pressed.


Some markets may prohibit the use of remote engine starting. The driver is responsible for knowing if this function can legally be used.


Remote Climate is also available for vehicles fitted with a timed climate system. When the vehicle specification does not support remote engine starting, the timed climate system may be used to support cabin pre-conditioning. The condition also applies if the vehicle originated in a market with legal restrictions on remote engine starting.