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  1. Left mirror adjustment.

  2. Right mirror adjustment.

  3. Power-fold: Press both buttons simultaneously to fold or unfold the mirrors. The power-fold feature operates only if the vehicle's speed is below 68 mph (110 km/h).


A thermal cut-out temporarily disables the power-fold feature if the buttons are operated repeatedly.


The rear-view door mirror heaters operate automatically, according to the external temperature and the heated rear window operation.


An amount of knock protection is designed into the door mirrors. If a mirror is accidentally knocked inwards or manually folded inwards, the mirror head is disengaged from the folding mechanism. To re-engage the mechanism, fold, and then unfold the mirror using the buttons.

The door mirrors can be controlled for up to 5 minutes after the ignition is switched off, provided the driver’s door is not opened.

Press the appropriate button to select the mirror to be adjusted. The button LED indicator lamp illuminates to confirm which side is active. Use the joystick control to adjust the mirror's glass.


Depending on the type of lens used, distances may be difficult to judge accurately when only using the mirrors.

If the vehicle is fitted with power-fold mirrors, they can be configured to automatically fold when the vehicle is locked and unfold when unlocked. The automatic folding and unfolding feature can be enabled or disabled by a retailer/authorized repairer.

If the mirrors are accidentally knocked out of position, e.g., so only one is folded, press both buttons simultaneously to re-synchronize.


If the mirrors were folded using the buttons, they do not unfold when the vehicle is unlocked.


Up to three different door mirror positions can be stored and recalled using the driving position memory feature. See SEAT POSITION MEMORY.