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Do not ignore any warning or information messages displayed in the instrument panel. Take appropriate action as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in death, serious injury, or serious damage to the vehicle.

The instrument panel displays warning messages if specific driver action is required, or to accompany illuminated warning lamps. For example, in the event that a vehicle system fault is detected.

The instrument panel displays information messages if specific driver action is required, or for driver information. For example, to confirm and assist with the selection or deselection of some vehicle features.

To extinguish an instrument panel warning or information message, press the OK button on the steering wheel controls.


Extinguishing displayed warning and information messages does not clear or rectify a detected fault.


If a warning message is manually extinguished, the instrument panel illuminates an amber or red warning lamp until the cause of the message is rectified.

If a persistent fault is detected, the warning message displays each time the ignition is switched on. In this event, follow any on-screen instructions or seek qualified assistance.

Instrument panel messages are displayed in order of importance. If more than one instrument panel message is active, each message is displayed in turn for 2 seconds. High importance warning messages are displayed first. The displayed warning messages can also be accompanied by an audible tone.

Some warning messages can also display the handbook symbol. For information regarding warning messages and any action required, refer to the warning and information lamps section of the Owner's Handbook. Follow any on-screen instructions, if displayed. The instrument panel displays a warning message until the detected fault is rectified.