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Do not operate the timed climate system when refuelling the vehicle. Doing so may cause fuel vapours to combust, potentially causing a fire or explosion.


Do not operate the timed climate system while the vehicle is in an enclosed space. Doing so can cause a build-up of highly toxic fumes, which may cause unconsciousness or death.

The timed climate system, when in operation, provides a comfortable temperature inside the cabin in advance of using the vehicle. The timed climate system can also maintain a temperature when leaving the vehicle for a short period of time.

The timed climate system draws in fresh air to ventilate the cabin, or operates the auxiliary heater to heat the cabin. Heating or venting of the cabin is selected by the timed climate system and is dependent on the external temperature.

The timed climate system can be controlled via the touchscreen, or it can be operated using the timed climate remote. The touchscreen control has options for either timed or manual settings.

The timed climate system may not operate, or switches off automatically, in the following scenarios:

  • If the fuel level is low.

  • If the vehicle’s battery charge is low.

  • If the coolant temperature is at, or above, its required temperature.

  • If the system has been in operation for 30 minutes.


Vehicles fitted with clean air pack run a purifying cleaning cycle with the timed climate function. However, the main function of timed climate is temperature control.