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When shown, touch the navigation menu icon to access the NAVIGATION MENU.


Some of the options listed are only available when a route has been selected.

The following options are available:

  1. Type an address: Provides a choice of options for typing an address. See ADDRESS ENTRY.

  2. Search: Type the required text into the search box, or select from the Point Of Interest (POI) categories listed.

  3. Destinations: Shows saved locations, e.g., home address, saved favorites, and the most recent destinations.


    When signed into an Touch Pro navigation account, destinations can be automatically synchronized between the vehicle, the internet, and the InControl Route Planner smartphone app. See PROFILES and INCONTROL PRO SERVICES.

  4. Mute: Touch to mute the navigation system's voice guidance.

  5. Stop Guidance: Cancels the current route guidance, if a route is selected.

  6. Edit: Touch to edit the current route. See EDIT ROUTE.