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Do not adjust the touch screen controls or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, causing serious injury or death.

Phone system controls.

  1. Phone icon: Touch to select the PHONE screen. When the PHONE screen is selected, the icon changes to an active icon, as illustrated above. Touch the icon to select an alternative paired phone. When a call is in progress, touch the icon to end the call.

  2. Feature display: The selected feature is displayed in this area.

  3. Settings icon: Touch to access the SETTINGS pop-up menu. Select one of the following options, to manage the features: Settings for All Phones, Settings for 'name of phone' and Bluetooth Settings.

  4. Scroll bar: If more than five features are available, touch the scroll bar or arrows, to move up or down the list. Alternatively, swipe the list in the direction required.

  5. Back to Call: Touch to go back to a call after selecting another feature.

  6. Options: Touch to access the voicemail and auto-reject options.

  7. Keypad: Touch to access the keypad dialing mode.

  8. Contacts: Touch to view the downloaded contacts.

  9. Recents: Touch to display a list of recently dialed, received, and missed calls. When a call is unanswered or missed, the number is indicated inside a circle on the Recents button.


The touch screen displays the list in the order that the calls were recorded. When this information is not available on the connected phone, the list displays as sent from the phone. Some phones may arrange the list in another order.


The system removes duplicate entries of the same call type from the same caller. For example, multiple calls from the same caller are reduced to one call.