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Low friction launch helps to further enhance low speed maneuvering and pulling away from a standstill, in adverse conditions.

Low friction launch is accessed via the (All Surface Information) ASI Suite extra feature on the touch screen. Follow the on-screen instructions. See EXTRA FEATURES.

The operation of low friction launch is further enhanced if the rain/ice/snow driving mode, or the Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) driving mode, is enabled. See RAIN/ICE/SNOW, or see ADAPTIVE SURFACE RESPONSE (AdSR).


Some vehicles are supplied with the AdSR driving mode instead of the rain/ice/snow driving mode.


Low friction launch also operates if the normal driving mode is selected. See NORMAL.

To allow low friction launch to be enabled, make sure that:

  • The vehicle is stationary.

  • The accelerator pedal is completely released.

  • Either the rain/ice/snow, AdSR, or the normal driving mode is enabled.

  • All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) is not enabled. See USING THE PROGRESS CONTROL SYSTEM.

Low friction launch only operates at vehicle speeds below 19 mph (30 km/h). If this maximum speed is exceeded, low friction launch is disabled.

Low friction launch is also disabled if:

  • ASPC is enabled.

  • The ECO driving mode or the dynamic driving mode is selected.

  • The accelerator pedal is quickly pressed to its full travel (kickdown).

  • A system fault is detected. In this event, a warning message displays in the message center and on the touch screen.