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InControl uses smartphone and in-vehicle mobile technology, to remotely connect the vehicle to a number of services and convenience features.


For further information, access the http://www.jaguar.com/incontrol-global/index.html website.

InControl features::
  • InControl Protect:

    InControl Remote Essentials.

    SOS Emergency Call.

    Optimised Assistance Call.

    ERA GLONASS test procedure.

  • Remote Premium:

    Beep & Flash.

    Vehicle Security.

    Vehicle Wake Up.

  • InControl Secure:

    Stolen Vehicle Tracking.

  • InControl Pro Services:

    InControl LIVE.

    Connected Navigation.

  • InControl Apps.


InControl Secure is available only in selected markets.

For InControl Protect, Remote and Pro Services, InControl accounts must be created. When an account has not been registered in the owners name, please visit: www.jaguarincontrol.com/owner to create new accounts. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the newly created InControl accounts to the vehicle and to activate the services on the vehicle.


Network connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations.


Responsibility remains with the account owner to remove the vehicle from their InControl accounts when ownership of the vehicle is transferred.