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Make sure the tail pipe is cool before polishing the tail pipe finishers. Failure to do so may result in personal injury.


To prevent damage to the vehicle when using a valeting service, make sure to advise them of the cleaning instructions contained within the Owner's Handbook.


Never use cleaning products which are not approved for use on vehicles.


To avoid damage to the bonnet, do not lift the wipers when they are in the normal parked position. See WIPERS SERVICE POSITION.


Following cleaning of the vehicle's exterior, it is recommended that the vehicle is taken for a short drive, in order to dry out the brakes. A short drive, in order to dry out the brakes, is especially recommended if a pressure washer is used.


Some high pressure cleaning systems are sufficiently powerful to penetrate door and window seals, and damage trim and door locks. Never aim the water jet directly at the engine air intake, heater air intakes, radiator cooling fins, body seals, cameras, or at any components which may be damaged.

After washing the vehicle, it is recommended to use a suitable metal polish on stainless steel or chrome finishers to restore the surface appearance.

Do not aim the water jet directly at any rubber gaiters or seals on suspension joints.

Make sure that the water jet nozzle is more than 300 mm away from vehicle components.