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Only attach appropriate electrical connectors, which are in good condition, to the trailer socket. Using inappropriate towing equipment may adversely affect the accuracy and performance of the vehicle's towing features.


Only use electrical equipment that requires a 12 volt supply from the vehicle.

When a trailer's electrical connection is made and the vehicle’s direction indicators are used, the trailer warning indicator flashes in time with the direction indicators. See TRAILER DIRECTION INDICATORS (GREEN).

In the event that the vehicle's direction indicator is used and the symbol does not flash, check the trailer's electrical connection. Take appropriate action to make sure that the trailer's direction indicators are functioning correctly.

The information in the following table helps to confirm if a trailer or a lighting board is compatible for use with this vehicle. If these conditions are not met, the vehicle will not detect the electrical connection of a trailer or a lighting board.

Function Minimum load Maximum load
Amps Watts Amps Watts
Brake lights. 0.10 1.20 10 120
Direction indicators, left side. 0.05 0.60 5 60
Direction indicators, right side. 0.05 0.60 5 60
Side marker lights, left side. - - 5 60
Side marker lights, right side. - - 5 60
Reverse lights. - - 5 60
Fog lights. - - 5 60
Permanent battery feed. - - 15 180
Ignition feed. - - 15 180