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Before closing a window or the sunroof, make sure that no occupants have any body part in a position where it could be trapped. Even with an anti-trap system, death or serious injury could occur.

Anti-trap protection is designed to stop window movement if an obstruction or resistance is detected. Check the window and its aperture. Remove any obstructions. The override procedure is as follows:

  1. Attempt to close the window. Anti-trap prevents closure and lowers the window.

  2. Within 10 seconds, attempt to raise the window again. Anti-trap prevents closure and lowers the window.

  3. Attempt to close the window for a third time, this time holding the switch in the close position. The window raises while the switch is held. Hold until closed.


If this procedure fails to remove the blockage, or if the windows do not operate correctly, the window operation may need to be reset. See WINDOW RESET.