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Never place objects on top of the loadspace cover. During an accident or sudden manoeuvre, loose objects can cause serious injury or death.


To avoid any possible damage to the top surface of the loadspace cover, pull the lifting straps clear from the two halves when folding the cover and make sure nothing else is trapped in between.

To remove the loadspace cover:

  1. Release the two straps from the pins on the tailgate.

  2. Pull the loadspace cover back to release the locking pins.

  3. Lift the loadspace cover out of the locking pin guides.

Storing the loadspace cover:

Do not store the loadspace cover loose in the vehicle. During an accident or sudden manoeuvre, the loadspace cover could cause serious injury or death.

Store the folded loadspace cover in the dedicated* storage area underneath the loadspace floor cover. *This is dependent on vehicle specification.

To store the loadspace cover:

  1. Lift or remove the loadspace floor cover to access the loadspace cover storage area.

  2. Pull the lifting straps clear of the two halves to fold the loadspace cover. Place in the storage area, as shown.


The loadspace cover must be stored in the orientation, shown in the illustration.

Refitting the loadspace cover:

If the loadsapce cover is refitted whilst it is folded, it cannot be unfolded.

To refit the loadspace cover:

  1. Locate the locking pins on the loadspace cover into the guide slots.

  2. Push back the loadspace cover to lock the cover into place.

  3. Fit the loadspace cover lifting straps over the pins on the tailgate.

  4. Pull down lightly on the straps until they click into place.