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When a fuse box lid is removed, take care to protect the box from moisture. Refit the lid at the earliest opportunity.

There are five separate fuse boxes fitted to the vehicle. Each one contains fuses that protect a different group of circuits.

  1. Engine compartment front fuse box:

    Lift up the positive booster terminal cover. Press and hold the fuse box cover's securing clips. Lift to open the cover.

  2. Engine compartment rear fuse box:

    Remove the under-hood cover. To do this, lightly press and hold the securing clip, then lift to release and pull to remove. See UNDER-HOOD COVERS REMOVAL.

    Press and hold the fuse box cover's securing clip. Lift to open the cover and pull to remove.

  3. Passenger compartment fuse box, located on the right-side A pillar, below the dashboard:

    Use a suitable tool to unclip and release the rearward edge of the panel. Pull to remove.


    Note the orientation of the panel to aid refitting.

  4. Luggage compartment upper fuse box:

    Remove the right-side luggage compartment access panel. To do this, pull on the rear edge of the access panel.


    The luggage compartment upper fuse box also contains spare fuses and the vehicle's fuse removal tool.

  5. Luggage compartment lower fuse box:

    Remove the luggage compartment floor panel and the spare wheel tool kit. See WHEEL CHANGING.