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Do not adjust the seat while the vehicle is moving. Doing so could cause a loss of vehicle control and personal injury.

To adjust the seats, the smart key must be in the vehicle and the ignition switched on.

Adjust the position of the electric front seats as follows:

  1. Cushion length.

  2. Bolster inflate and deflate.

  3. Lumbar support.

    Press the top of the button to raise.

    Press the bottom of the button to lower.

    Press the front of the button to inflate.

    Press the rear of the button to deflate.

  4. Seatback angle.

  5. Seat height.

  6. Forward and rearward position.

  7. Cushion tilt.

The front head restraints can also be adjusted. See FRONT HEAD RESTRAINTS.

If an obstruction is encountered while the seat is in motion, the seat stops moving. Further movement is restricted until the seat is reset.

To reset the seat:

  1. Remove the obstruction.

  2. Adjust the seat to the point where movement stopped.

  3. Press and hold the switch for at least 2 seconds to override the restriction.