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The maximum opening height can be set as required:

  1. Open the tailgate to the position required as the maximum height. Press any tailgate control to stop movement at the required position. The final position can be achieved manually, if required.

  2. Make sure the tailgate is stationary for at least 3 seconds.

  3. Press and hold the tailgate close button for 10 seconds to set the maximum opening height.

  4. Close the tailgate, then open again to check that it opens to the set height.


If, after performing part 3 of the process, the tailgate closes automatically, the required height has not been set. Repeat the process, making sure that all steps are adhered to.

To reset the maximum opening height, repeat the process, but when the tailgate reaches its current set height, manually move it to the fully open position before pressing and holding the button.

The powered tailgate may lose its position memory if there are multiple object detections or, if the battery voltage is low. Powered operation may be inhibited.

To reset the tailgate:

  1. Manually close the tailgate.

  2. Press a release button.

  3. Allow the tailgate to power fully open, or to the previously set position.

  4. Press and release the close button.

  5. Allow the tailgate to power close fully. The tailgate's programmed memory is now restored.