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The deployable side steps are full length steps that are stowed below the side sills and under the vehicle. When a door is opened, the side step on that side of the vehicle deploys. If doors on both sides are opened, both side steps deploy.

The deployable side steps can be set, via the touchscreen's Extra Features menu. Select On or Off. See EXTRA FEATURES.

The vehicle remembers the set status and a change to the status can be made at any time. When set to On, and the side steps are activated, information displays on the touchscreen.


The deployable side steps do not deploy when the vehicle is travelling at more than 5 km/h (3 mph). If the side steps are already deployed, they stow automatically when the vehicle’s speed exceeds 5 km/h (3 mph).


The deployable side steps return to their previous position if an obstruction is encountered during operation. If this occurs, the touchscreen displays a warning. Remove the obstruction before operating the side steps again.


Make sure the side steps are fully deployed and have completed their operation before stepping on the running boards. Failing to do so can cause the side steps to reverse direction.

After a side step has been deployed, automatic operation is activated when the following conditions occur:

  • Stows 5 seconds after both doors on that side of the vehicle are closed.

  • Stows immediately when a transmission drive gear is selected.

When the vehicle is unlocked from the outside, the side steps deploy if the touch screen settings status is set to On. Operation of the side steps on one or both sides of the vehicle is dependent on the following unlocking status:

  • When the smart key is set to single-point entry, on the first press of the smart key, the side step deploys on only the driver’s side. A second press also deploys the passenger side step.

  • When the smart key is set to multi-point entry, both side steps deploy.

  • Keyless entry deploys both side steps.

When the smart key or keyless entry is used to open the vehicle, and subsequently no door is opened, the side steps automatically stow after 1 minute.

The side steps can be deployed indefinitely to facilitate access to the roof, cleaning or accessing the jacking points. On the Deployable Side Steps screen, select Roof access. The side steps deploy and remain in this position until Roof access is deselected. The deployed position deactivates automatically, and returns to the On setting, if the vehicle’s speed exceeds 5 km/h (3 mph), or if the vehicle’s doors are locked.