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Make sure that the Removable roof canopy is fully dry before you put it in its bag.

  1. Make sure that the roof is folded in half along its length.

  2. Fold the hoops and straps (2) into the center of the canopy.

  3. Roll the canopy from the rear (2) towards the windshield end. Do not roll from the windshield end as it will not fit in the storage bag. Do not wrap the fabric around the metal frame (3), make sure that it is adjacent to the frame.

  4. Put the roof (3) into the smaller bag. The fabric part of the roof goes into the bag first, not the metal frame.

  5. Put the smaller bag in the Luggage compartment (4) and push it as far forwards as possible. Make sure that the quilted surface points up and the handle is to the rear of the vehicle.

  6. Put the three rear windows (1) in the larger bag.

  7. Put the larger bag (5) in the Luggage compartment, with the quilted surface to the rear of the vehicle and the handle at the top. Push it as far forwards as possible. There is velcro on the rear of the bag to secure it to the Luggage compartment trim.