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Dynamic launch enhances vehicle acceleration and automatic gear changes during launch.

To activate:

  1. Make sure that:

    The vehicle is stationary.

    The engine is running.

    The steering is in the straight ahead position.

    Dynamic driving mode is engaged. See DRIVING MODES OPERATION.

  2. Press the brake pedal and hold with the left foot.

  3. Move the gear selector to either the Drive (D) or Sport (S) position. See AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION).

  4. Using the right foot, lightly press the accelerator pedal until the Message center displays DYNAMIC LAUNCH READY.

  5. Release the brake pedal, then quickly press the accelerator pedal to the kickdown position. The Message center will display DYNAMIC LAUNCH ACTIVE.


Any manual gear selection, from the gear selector or steering wheel gearshift paddles, will override the Dynamic launch operation.

Dynamic launch will remain available for further use after a short period of time.


Dynamic launch will not be active when the accelerator pedal is released from a high demand position.

Prolonged application of the brake pedal will deactivate Dynamic launch.


Dynamic launch is not fitted to all vehicle derivatives.