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The front passenger seat belt has a locking mechanism which improves the retention of non-LATCH child seats, see CHILD RESTRAINT CHECK LIST. The mechanism can also be used to retain large items on the seat.

The procedure to install a child seat is as follows:

  1. Place the child seat in the vehicle, attach the seat belt and secure the buckle in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

  2. Pull on the shoulder section of the belt to unreel all of the remaining webbing to the limit of its travel. This will engage the automatic locking feature which then acts as a ratchet, allowing the webbing to retract.

  3. Allow the seat belt to retract onto the child seat (a clicking sound will confirm that the ratchet has engaged), while firmly pushing the child seat into the vehicle's seat.

  4. Make sure that there is no slack in the seat belt, by pulling upwards on the shoulder belt immediately above the child restraint.

When the child seat is removed and all of the seat belt webbing is allowed to retract, the seat belt locking mechanism reverts to normal operation.