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Do not adjust the Touch screen controls, or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, causing serious injury or death.


Sustained exposure to high sound levels (greater than 85 decibels) can damage your hearing.


  1. Satellite band selection:

    Touch to view and select a satellite radio band. The radio will tune to the last used channel on that band.

  2. Display showing the current channel, the associated category, and the relevant radio text.

  3. Seek down:

    Touch to seek a previous available channel.

  4. Channel information: Touch to view a pop-up of information broadcast by the channel.

  5. Seek up:

    Touch to find the next available channel.

  6. Channel presets: Each SAT band has 6 preset positions. These are displayed as weather options when the system is first operated.

    Touch and release to tune to the channel stored on that preset.

    Touch and hold to store the current channel on that preset.

    Use the seek buttons on the steering wheel to select the next or previous preset channel.


    If a selected preset channel is unsubscribed, or has become unsubscribed, the SiriusXM phone number and a message will be displayed. See SUBSCRIPTION SETUP. Only subscribed channels can be saved as presets.

  7. Settings: Select to view the settings menu:

    SiriusXM ID: Select to view your SiriusXM ID number and subscription contact number.

    Channel skip: Select individual channels or entire categories (select Skip all) from the list. The selected channels/categories will be skipped when using the seek controls.

    Parental lock: Select individual channels or entire categories (Lock all) from the list. Locked channels/categories cannot be selected without first entering the correct PIN.

    A 4-digit PIN needs to be entered to access the parental lock area. The default PIN is “1926”. Select Edit PIN to change the PIN.


    If the PIN is forgotten, it can be reset by touching and holding Parental lock for 10 seconds, then touching and holding SAT information for 10 seconds.

    Audio settings: Select to adjust the tone and balance audio settings.

  8. Instant replay: Touch to enter the Instant replay menu. Instant replay allows live audio to be paused, rewound, and replayed.


    The instant replay function cannot save any audio files. All instant replay media will be lost when the vehicle's ignition is switched off.

  9. Favorites: Touch to save a favorite artist, song, or team to the system's memory. Subsequently, if a subscribed channel is broadcasting a song, artist, or team news and its title is stored in the memory, a pop-up will be displayed giving you the option to tune to that channel. If the memory is full, the option to edit the memory is available on a pop-up screen.

  10. Channel input: Select to use the numerical touch-pad to enter a channel number. The OK soft key can be used, at any time, to enter your selection. If a single number, e.g., 7, is entered, the satellite radio will tune to that channel.

    If 07 or 007 is entered, the satellite radio will still tune to the same channel. If OK is not touched after the numbers are selected, the station will automatically tune to that station following a time-out period.

  11. Browse channels: Select from the list of categories to view the details (channel number, artist and title of the current track) of the channels in the selected category.


    If there is more information than can fit on the display, select I to view all of the information available.

    Select a channel from the list, to tune to that channel (the list is still displayed for further browsing).