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  1. Rotate the control to adjust sensitivity.

    MAX: Maximum sensitivity.

    MIN: Minimum sensitivity.

  2. Fast speed wipe.

  3. Normal speed wipe.

  4. Rain sensor activated wipe.

  5. Windshield washer button.

  6. Single wipe.


Do not operate the wipers on a dry windshield.


In freezing or very hot conditions, make sure that the wipers have not stuck to the windshield before operating.


Remove any snow, ice, or frost from the windshield, around the wiper arms and blades, and the screen scuttle, before operating the wipers.


If the wiper blades become stuck or jammed, an electronic cut-out may temporarily halt wiper operation. If this happens, switch off the wipers and the ignition. Clear any obstructions and free the wiper blades, before attempting to switch on the ignition.