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If you are in any doubt regarding your ability to carry out the instructions, contact a Retailer/Authorized Repairer before attempting the repair.

Your vehicle is fitted with a tire repair kit which can be used to repair one tire. It is essential that you read the following guide before attempting to repair a tire.

The tire repair kit consists of a canister of sealant located below the Luggage compartment left-side (battery) cover, in front of the vehicle's battery, as shown, and a compressor located in the Luggage compartment.


Vehicles with carbon ceramic brake rotors are supplied with two wheel guide pins. The pins are stored with the compressor.

The tire repair kit seals most punctures with a maximum diameter of 1/4 inch (6 mm).


The sealant used in the tire repair kit has a shelf life and the expiry date is shown on the tire sealant bottle. Make sure the container is replaced before the expiry date.