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Carbon ceramic brake rotors are susceptible to damage. Take care not to damage the brake rotors when removing and refitting the road wheels.


Vehicles with carbon ceramic brake rotors are supplied with 2 wheel guide pins. The pins are stored with the compressor in the tire repair kit, see TIRE REPAIR KIT. Make sure that the 2 wheel guide pins are used to aid removing and refitting of road wheels on vehicles with carbon ceramic brake rotors.


Vehicles with a removable roof do not facilitate stowage of a full size wheel and tire.

There are 4 jacking points on the underside of the floor. Two indented, triangular indicators are provided on each sill cover. These indicate the location for the jack.

On vehicles with carbon ceramic brake rotors, lift the vehicle off the ground with a suitable jack so that the relevant wheel does not touch the ground. Remove 2 opposing wheel nuts and install the 2 wheel guide pins, as shown.

Remove the remaining wheel nuts and carefully remove the road wheel.


To remove the center badge, use the plastic tipped end of the wheel nut wrench handle, push the center badge from its housing from the inside of the wheel.


Do not remove the 2 wheel guide pins from the vehicle until the wheel has been lightly tightened with 3 wheel nuts.

Using the wheel nut wrench, lightly tighten the wheel nuts alternately, using the sequence shown in the illustration.

Lower the jack, then tighten the wheel nuts fully, in the same sequence shown. Do not overtighten by using foot pressure or extension bars on the wheel nut wrench.

At the earliest opportunity, have the wheel nuts tightened with a torque wrench to 92 lb.ft (125 Nm).

This torque must not be exceeded.