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Hazard or Condition Chime or tone/remedy
External lamps remain on when the driver’s door is opened. A chime will sound until the lamps are switched off or the driver’s door is closed (unless the lighting control is in the AUTO position).
Hazard warning indicators on. A ticking will sound until the hazard indicators are switched off.
Turn signals on. A ticking will sound until the turn signals are switched off.
Seat belt reminder. A chime will sound if a seat belt is unbuckled while the vehicle is moving. The warning will cease if the occupied seat’s belt is re-buckled, the ignition is turned off, or more than 3 minutes has elapsed.
Electric Parking Brake (EPB). If the EPB is applied while the vehicle is moving, a continuous chime will sound; release the EPB. If there is a fault with the system which would prevent the application of the EPB, a brief sequence of chimes is initiated.
Brakes overheating (vehicles with carbon ceramic brakes only). A continuous chime will sound (accompanied by a warning message, see BRAKE (RED)). Stop the vehicle as soon as safety permits and allow the brakes to cool.
Speed is over 9 mph (15 km/h) above the ASL set limit speed. A short warning chime. Reduce speed.
The Smart key cannot be detected. A chime will sound. Hold the Smart key close to the auxiliary switch pack. See UNLOCKING THE VEHICLE.
DSC OFF. A chime will sound.