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Button feedback: Select to turn the soft key confirmation tone on/off.

Clock adjust: Select the 12 or 24 hour clock. Set the current time. Select Date to change the date, or to alter the date format. Select Set, to store the new settings.


The clock can also be adjusted by touching the time display on the Touch screen.

Home menu shortcuts: Touch to select the vehicle's feature items, from the displayed list, to appear as shortcuts on the Shortcuts Menu screen.

Select Clear all to deselect all the previously highlighted (currently displayed) shortcuts and disable them from appearing on the Shortcuts Menu screen. Alternatively, touch each highlighted item to deselect individual features from the displayed list.

Select Default to enable the vehicle's predetermined shortcuts to be displayed.

Language: Select the required language. Select Male or Female voice. Touch Change to select alternatives for Voice and text displays. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm.


Some languages are not yet available for system display text.

Volume presets: Adjust the volume for the available system's announcements (e.g., announcements, Parking aid, Phone, Navigation, etc.).