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Contacts stored in the memory of a paired phone can be automatically downloaded to the vehicle’s phonebook each time the phone is connected to the system. See TELEPHONE COMPATIBILITY.

Certain cell phones store the phonebook in 2 different areas, the SIM card and the phone's memory. The vehicle's system will access only those numbers stored in the phone's memory.

To access contacts from the phonebook:

  1. From the Phone menu, select Phonebook.

  2. Using the alpha keys, select the letter you wish to search under. Repeated selections of the same key, scrolls through the letters displayed on the keys.

  3. Select List to view the Phonebook.

  4. Identify the required contact from the displayed list and touch to call. If a contact has more than one number stored, select the required number from the list.


    It may be necessary to use the scroll bar to see the entire list.

    There are also options to view more contact information, by selecting the corresponding i key.

If your phone supports contact type data, you will be able to see a contact type icon in the vehicle's phonebook directory. These can be seen on the right side of each contact in the directory and will indicate one of the following types:


Cell phone.