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Do not adjust the main audio unit's controls, or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, causing serious injury or death.


Phone reception is dependent on the phone and network signal. Performance may be improved by changing your phone’s settings (e.g., turning 3G off).

To access the Phone screen, see TOUCH SCREEN HOME MENU.

  1. Change phone: Search new or change to another paired phone.

  2. Last 10: Access the last 10 dialed, received, and missed calls.

  3. Phonebook: Access the downloaded phonebook.

  4. Digit dial: Access Digit dialing mode.

  5. Touch and hold to retrieve your Voicemail.

  6. Status display: Displays the name and/or number dialed and call duration.

  7. Call Connect/Disconnect icons: Touch to send/accept or end/reject a call.

  8. Settings: Access Voicemail setup, Answer options, and Phone options.

  9. Mute microphone: Initiate Privacy mode. While selected, the caller will not hear you talking.

  10. Auto reject: When active, any incoming calls will be rejected or diverted to Voicemail (depending on the cell phone settings).

  11. Use handset: Switch the call to your cell phone.

  12. Delete: Touch to delete the last entered digit, and hold to delete the whole entered number.