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For further information on Bluetooth® wireless technology devices, see BLUETOOTH® INFORMATION.

  1. Switch your device’s Bluetooth connection on. Make sure that it is in Bluetooth discoverable mode, sometimes referred to as find me mode (see your device’s operating instructions for more information).

  2. Switch the ignition on and make sure that the Touch screen is active.

  3. From the Home menu, select Audio/Video, then My music/Source, followed by Bluetooth.

  4. A menu will appear. Select Change Device, followed by Search new.

  5. Select the Vehicle to device option.

  6. Identify your device from the displayed list and select the corresponding Pair and connect option.


    If more than 5 devices are detected, it may be necessary to use the scroll bar to see the entire list.

  7. When prompted, enter the PIN (Personal Identification Number) code into your device. See your device's operating instructions for more information.

  8. Once your device is connected to the system, a confirmation message will be displayed, before switching to the My music, Bluetooth view.


Due to the duration of a Bluetooth search, it is advized that the time-out to home screen feature is switched off before attempting to search for Bluetooth devices. This setting can be changed within Setup, Screen, Time out home.