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For further information on Bluetooth® wireless technology devices, see BLUETOOTH® INFORMATION.


The process of pairing and connecting your media device with the vehicle, using the media device, will vary depending on the type of media device.

  1. Switch on the ignition and make sure that the Touch screen is active.

  2. From the Home menu, select Audio/Video, then My music/Source, followed by Bluetooth.

  3. A menu will appear. Select Change Device, followed by Search new.

  4. Select the Device to vehicle option.


    The vehicle’s Bluetooth system is only discoverable for 3 minutes.

  5. Using the media device, search for Bluetooth devices. On some media devices, this is referred to as a new paired device. See your media device’s operating instructions for further information.

  6. When the vehicle’s Bluetooth system is discovered, follow the on-screen instructions. Select Yes when prompted, to confirm the pairing.

    Either your device or the vehicle's system will ask for a PIN (Personal Identification Number). When prompted, enter a PIN of your choice and select OK to confirm.

  7. Enter the same PIN into the other device.

  8. Once your device is paired and connected to the system, a confirmation message will be displayed, before switching to the My music, Bluetooth screen.


    Some media players do not automatically connect and need to be manually connected via the device or by using the Change device option.