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Always turn and look before reversing. It remains the driver's responsibility to detect obstacles and estimate the vehicle's distance from them when reversing.

When Reverse (R) is selected, the screen automatically displays a wide-angle, color image from the rear of your vehicle.

The Rear camera system provides a rear-view image to assist in reversing the vehicle. Overlaid on the image are reversing guidance lines.

  • Solid line: The projected wheel trajectory.

  • Dotted line: The safe working width of the vehicle (including the exterior mirrors).

  • Luggage compartment access guidance lines: Do not reverse past this point if luggage compartment access is required.

  • Parking aid sensor activation: a colored area appears to indicate which rear sensor(s) is active.


The camera display has priority over the Parking aid display.


Some overhanging objects or barriers, which could cause damage to the vehicle, may not be detected by the camera.

To cancel the Rear camera display at any time, push the Touch screen hard button (see TOUCH SCREEN HOME MENU) or touch the back soft key.

To adjust the camera settings while in R, touch anywhere on the Touch screen to display the user options.

Touch the icon for the feature required and then the back icon:

Touch to enable/disable the Park assist guidance lines.

Touch to enable/disable the sensor/s active graphics.