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Any traffic event (broadcast on TMC) in your area, will be displayed as a warning icon on the map and an alert may be displayed as a message giving the road number(s) and between which junctions the hold-up or event occurs.

This data is stored in the system for up to 30 minutes.

The color of the TMC icon changes in order to show the type and priority of a TMC event. The background color of the icon returns to normal when there is no longer an event or hold-up, or if any re-route instructions are calculated.

The TMC event icons appear on the navigation map display to indicate the location and nature of a TMC event.

TMC event icons will appear on the map, even if the event does not occur on your route.

Incident (Red star).

Traffic congestion ahead (Red arrow).

Moving traffic congestion, both lanes (Red double arrow).

Slow traffic ahead (Yellow arrow).

Slow traffic both lanes (Yellow double arrow).

Information (Yellow circle).

Incident (Yellow star).


Single arrow icons indicate that the traffic event affects traffic traveling in the direction of the arrow. Double arrows indicate that both directions are affected.

If the map is scrolled to any of the above events, further details are available and are indicated as one of the following icons.

Closed road.

Special warning (orange diamond).

Danger (red diamond).

Stationary traffic.




Contraflow (reversible lane).


Height width limit.