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Additional Points Of Interest (POIs) can be downloaded and added to the list. The system can store up to 50,000 'My POIs', in up to 100 groups (whichever comes first).

Free POIs can be found on the internet and downloaded into the system. The name of the imported file will be displayed as a group name. Imported icons will be displayed on the map. In order for a file or icon to be successfully downloaded, the following conditions must exist:

  • The POI file must be in a .gpx format, version 1.1.

  • The POI file name must not contain the following characters; -, /, ;, *, ", <, >, or |.

  • The POI file name must not exceed 35 characters.

  • The icon file name must match the POI file name.

  • The icon size must not exceed 32x32 dots.

  • The icon format must be a bitmap (.bmp) or jpeg (.jpg).

To download files or icons, connect a USB device containing the POIs. See CONNECTING A DEVICE.

  1. From the Nav menu, touch More....

  2. Select Stored locations.

  3. Touch My POI.

  4. Select Add to individually select each POI group to be downloaded. Select Edit to change Name, Icon, or Sound icon, or select Delete.