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  1. From the Nav menu, touch Destination entry.

  2. Touch More....

  3. Touch Point of interest.

  4. Touch POI name and touch Ok to confirm.

  5. Enter the POI name, or select from List.

  6. Alternatively, choose Category to see all categories of POI and make your selection. See CATEGORIES AND SUB-CATEGORIES.

  7. To narrow the search area, touch Town to enter a town name.

  8. Once the POI has been selected, the map showing the selected destination is displayed.

  9. Touch GO to start the trip.


If entering a POI name results in too many matches being listed, try entering the town name first. If you do not know the name of the POI you want, try selecting a POI category.


POI icons can only be displayed up to the ½ mile (1 km) zoom level.