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  1. Screen orientation: Press to select: north up, 2D, or 3D map style.

  2. TMC (Traffic Message Channel) signal: Without a diagonal bar, a signal is being received; with a diagonal bar, a signal is not being received. The icon will also change color depending on the status of traffic on the route.

  3. Next direction display: When intersection map view has been switched off, touch the icon to view again.

  4. Current vehicle position and direction.

  5. Right map view, scale/zoom setting.

  6. Current location.

  7. GPS signal indicator.

  8. Screen mode.

  9. Left map view, scale/zoom setting.

  10. Opens the Navigation menu 1 of 2 screens.

  11. Distance/time to destination.

  12. TMC event (traffic congestion).

Touch to close the Intersection and Highway junction view. The previously displayed map is shown after closing.