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  1. Left mirror adjustment.

  2. Right mirror adjustment.

  3. Power-fold/unfold: Press both buttons simultaneously. This feature is inhibited at speeds over 70 mph (110 km/h).

The mirrors can be adjusted and folded when the ignition is on and for up to 5 minutes after the ignition is switched off, provided the driver’s door is not opened.

Press the appropriate button to select the mirror to be adjusted (button indicator illuminates) and then use the joystick control to adjust the mirror glass.


Depending on the type of lens used, distances may be difficult to judge accurately when only using the mirrors.

If the mirrors are accidentally knocked out of position (i.e., so only one is folded), press both buttons simultaneously to resynchronize.


If the mirrors were folded using the switches, they will not unfold when the vehicle is unlocked.